JEF on Web 2.0

Links to JEF groups and networks on Web 2.0 sites such as Facebook, flickr, etc. – This is NOT an official JEF website (yet?)

Visiting 50 schools in 10 weeks

German blog about a school project: – Twitter: @bienemanja


Unconference in Hamburg on March 27, 2010

JEF Hamburg are hosting an Unconference on March 27, 2010 – please pay a visit to their website and join the event if you’re in that area!

Links to regional and local JEF sections.

I’ve added a number of links to (German) regional and local JEF sections to the link list on the right. These are the new links in no particular order:

These are just the ones I found on the first page of a Google-search (and that were still missing from the list), using the German version of Google. The list is far from being complete. Please help out!

More JEF in Wikipedia.

There are 3 new wikipedia articles about JEF, in:

Videos and Facebook group by JEF-France.

JEF-France have a video pool on Dailymotion. They also have their own JEF-France Facebook group. As always the Facebook-link may not work if you’re not logged in.

In the meantime I’ve also added the official JEF-France and JEF-Schleswig-Holstein sites to the link list on the right. This site relies almost entirely on your input, so please consider submitting a link or becoming an author.

JEF in Wikipedia.

There are a number of wikipedia articles about JEF, namely in:

If your language is missing from the list, go and spread the word about JEF! It’s also a good idea to add information to the articles, like links to national, regional, or local sections, current officers, etc.

JEF Group on German StudiVZ.

In German: Es gibt eine JEF-Gruppe im StudiVZ. Der Link funktioniert nur, wenn man in StudiVZ eingeloggt ist.